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  • This Is How We Watch Movies Now: 95% Of Oscars Films Already Online

    Intressant läsning från Gizmodo 36 films have been nominated for this year’s Academy Awards. And, as of writing, just two of those haven’t been leaked in DVD quality online, most whilst they’re still in theaters. Whether you think piracy is a libertarian dream or criminal theft, it’s clear that this is how things work now. […]

  • Key and Peele Break Down NFL Conference Title Games in Pregame Show Skit

    Intressant läsning från Bleacher Report – NFL With the NFL’s conference championship games looming, Key & Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele decided to have a little fun and give their input on the big games. Networks add their own style to their NFL pregame shows, especially during the prediction segments. That gave Key and Peele […]

  • Fler lågprisfonder (se upp)

    Intressant läsning från Spara med Hemberg Antalet lågprisfonder har ökat dramatiskt senaste åren. Men tro inte att du kommer få det rådet. Och det är lätt att välja fel och få en dyrfond på kontot. Så välj varsamt. Nu lägger även Länsförsäkringar till några billiga, men allt är inte billigt eller öppet. Senaste åren har […]

  • Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL)

    Intressant läsning från Most Popular

  • De skapade bonussystem med egen valuta

    Intressant läsning från Hetaste IT-nyheterna från Avalanche Studios har tagit ett litet annorlunda grepp för att behålla kompetensen inom företaget.

  • Better With Age

    Intressant läsning från Grantland » Features How did a 37-year-old passer three years removed from neck surgery deliver a historic season and Super Bowl berth? Credit a subtle but essential offensive shift.

  • Designing for Easy Interaction

    Intressant läsning från A List Apart: The Full Feed Success in interaction design is largely a matter of following established patterns, so people can apply what they already know to new contexts. Using known and well-established interactive controls goes a long way in designing for easy interaction. There are specific considerations that will help make […]

  • Mastering The Developer Tools Console

    Intressant läsning från Treehouse Blog The developer tools console is one of the most powerful tools available to you when it comes to debugging your front-end web applications. The console has an API that provides a number of methods that make debugging easier. It’s not …Continue reading → The post Mastering The Developer Tools Console […]

  • Browse Popular Color Palettes to Snazz Up Presentations

    Intressant läsning från Lifehacker Colors are important to make your presentations look good, but not everyone has a good sense of which one will complement another. Zach Holman suggests a cheat: go to a site like ColourLovers and look through palettes suggested by designers. The "Most Loved" section is a good place to start, but […]

  • Why You Should Use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

    Intressant läsning från Treehouse Blog Having a bad development workflow will cost you a lot. It can make your senior engineers be productive like juniors, or even worse push them to leave the company. A great workflow can make push your good developers to be …Continue reading → The post Why You Should Use Continuous […]